jueves, 21 de enero de 2010


You have had it, so many times in your life.

You have suffered it, savored it. That unbearable soar in your throat, that despairing excess of sweetness.

You have fought it, searching for ways to replace the pleasure that only satiation can ever bring.

You have fooled it, stroking your tongue against your broken lips, rubbing your fingers over the dry skin of your neck, breathing in air that runs down your lungs like broken glass.

You have despaired because of it, you have even tried to live in spite of it.

But just one second before reaching insanity, and a split moment after running out of hope, opportunity might smirk at you, and will let you get rid of that necessity…

…but don’t satiate it all at once. Tease it, see yourself through it, let it run down your bare fingers.

Let it teach you what satisfaction is all about.
Picture: Kari-Kari

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